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Power Queen 12,8V 100Ah VS. 12,8V 100Ah Mini

Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah VS. 12.8V 100Ah mini

, by Sally Zhuang, 11 min reading time

When it comes to popular battery options at Power Queen, the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah and the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah Mini stand out. However, customers often find it difficult to decide between the two. To clear up this confusion, this article aims to provide a thorough comparison of these types of batteries. By delving into the details, we hope to help you make an informed decision.

Part 1. The similarities between Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah lithium battery and 12.8V 100Ah Mini LiFePO4 battery

In terms of various performance parameters such as voltage, capacity, service life, charge and discharge rate, these two batteries have similar characteristics.

  1. Voltage & Capacity

These two solar batteries have a rated voltage of 12.8V and a rated capacity of 100Ah.

  1. Lifespan

The life cycle of the two battery types can be 4.000+ to 15.000+.


4000+ Cycles (100% depth of discharge)
6000+ Cycles (80% depth of discharge)
15000+ Cycles (60% depth of discharge)


  1. Energy

The energy of these 2 batteries is 1.280kWh.

  1. Internal resistance


  1. Battery management system (BMS board)

LiFePO4 batteries Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah and Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah mini battery LiFePO4 battery have an integrated 100A BMS. This BMS provides protection against overcharging, over-discharging, over-current, overheating and short circuits.

It is important to note that none of the batteries have under-temperature protection.

  1. Load method


  1. Charging voltage


  1. Recommended charging current

20A  (0.2C)

  1. Continuous charging current


  1. Max.Continuous output power


  1. Housing material

ABS (flame-retardant plastic)

  1. Protection class


  1. Temperature range

(1) Charge: 0℃ to 50℃/32℉ to 122℉

(2) Discharge: -20℃ to 60℃/ -4℉ to 140℉

(3) Storage: -10℃ to 50℃/14℉ to 122℉

  1. Multiple applications

Both the classic and mini versions of the Power Queen batteries support up to 4 batteries in series and 4 in parallel (Maximum 4S4P configuration). This allows the creation of a 48V 400Ah battery system that delivers 20.48 kWh of energy and a maximum load power of 20.48 kW. It is an ideal choice for various applications including RVs, solar power systems, home energy storage and off-grid systems.

Part 2. The differences between Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah and 12.8V 100Ah Mini Lithium battery

The main differences between 12.8V 100Ah and 12.8V 100Ah Mini LiFePO4 battery are the dimensions, cells, BMS and internal structure.


  1. Dimensions & Weight

Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah Mini Battery LiFePO4 is characterized by its innovative cell layout design that prioritizes safety while achieving a compact size without sacrificing performance. This unique design ensures precise fit and secure placement, minimizing safety risks. This makes the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah mini solar battery both smaller and optimally powerful.




12.8V 100Ah

 L329*W172*H214 mm


12.8V 100Ah mini

 L260*W133*H227 mm


  1. Battery cells

The classic Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah battery consists of prismatic LiFePO4 cells. These cells are rectangular in shape and come in standard sizes that are easy to manufacture and integrate into battery packs. They are long-lasting and have a higher energy density compared to other types of lithium-ion batteries. This makes them suitable for applications such as energy storage systems, electric vehicles and emergency power systems.


Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah Prismatic Cell - HOBOTECH Tear Down Review

Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah Mini LiFePO4 battery, on the other hand, consists of pouch LiFePO4 cells. These cells are flexible and lightweight, making them ideal for portable applications such as mobile devices and power banks. They are often used when space and weight are crucial factors. Pouch cells are also known for their ability to maintain voltage levels and discharge rates at lower temperatures.


Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah MINI bag cell – Roll2 Videos

Both batteries have the highest level of safety, confirmed by UL test reports. This means you can rely on the safety of both the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah battery and the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah Mini LiFePO4 battery.

In summary, the classic Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah lithium battery is more suitable for applications that require higher energy density and durability, while the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah Mini LiFePO4 battery is more suitable for portable applications , where flexibility and lightweight design are important.

  1. Internal structure

Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah Mini Rechargeable LiFePO4 Battery features an optimized internal structure that is both compact and robust, ensuring reliable performance. It has undergone rigorous testing to confirm its safety, making it one of the safest options on the market. This level of security allows you to safely install the battery in any direction, even in rough or bumpy conditions, without fear of damage.

The classic 12.8V 100Ah solar battery can only be installed upright with the post bolts upwards or on the two smaller sides.

  1. Energy density

The mini battery has the highest energy density in the industry: 67.74 Wh/lb. While the classic 100Ah model has an energy density of 52.78 Wh/lb.

Part 3. Reviews of Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah VS 100Ah Mini Solar

Should you buy this? For us it's a yes. The test confirms the performance of the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah LifePO4 battery, and LFP is indeed one of the most important considerations for modern energy storage applications. ---Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah LifePO4 Review

Youtube review about the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah LiFePO4 battery

Youtube review about the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah MINI LiFePO4 battery

Part 4. FAQs about Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah VS. 100Ah Mini

  1. Can I put these 2 Lithium batteries in series switch?

No. Since the two batteries have different cells and internal structures, it is not recommended to connect these two batteries together, otherwise it would harm the lifespan of each battery.

  1. Can they be used as golf cart starter batteries?

No, neither the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah nor the Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah mini batteries are suitable as starting batteries for golf carts. Both batteries are deep cycle batteries, specifically designed to provide a constant amount of energy over an extended period of time.

Starter batteries, on the other hand, are designed to deliver a high burst of power for a short period of time. Using a deep cycle battery as a starter battery could potentially damage the battery and shorten its overall lifespan.

  1. Do the 12.8V 100Ah and mini batteries have a Bluetooth function?

No. The built-in BMS of these two batteries is a hardware version and cannot be used to retrieve information from PC software. Power Queen solar batteries can be connected to a monitor and monitored, but the built-in BMS cannot communicate with the monitor.

  1. How do you charge the batteries?

It is not recommended to charge LiFePO4 batteries with conventional lead-acid battery chargers. There are three reliable ways to charge: solar panels, LiFePO4 battery charger and generator.



Power Queen  12V 100Ah

Power Queen 12V 100Ah Mini










Nominal voltage


Rated power




Internal resistance




BMS board


Loading method


Charging voltage

14.4V ± 0.2V

Recommended charging current

20A (0.2C)

Max. Continuous charging current


Max. Continuous discharge current


Max. Discharge current 5 seconds



Max. Continuous output power



L329*W172*H214 mm

L260*W133*H227 mm

Housing material

ABS (flame retardant plastic)

Protection class


Temperature range

Charging: 0℃ to 50℃ / 32℉ to 122℉

Discharge: -20℃ to 60℃ / -4℉ to 140℉

Storage: -10℃ to 50℃ / 14℉ to 122℉


Which one should I take?

Power Queen 12.8V 100Ah mini battery is a smaller and lighter version compared to the classic battery. Both batteries offer the same performance specifications, including a maximum continuous discharge current of 100A, a maximum charging power of 1280W and an available capacity of 1280Wh. If you value size and weight and prefer a more compact battery, then the mini version would be more suitable for you.

Power Queen offers a comprehensive guarantee period of five years for new batteries, four years for batteries in used, new condition and three years for batteries in used, very good condition. If you have any further questions or concerns, our team is always available to assist you at

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