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Voice from customers

  • Aufgaben der Solaranlage (Halbinselsystem)

    , by Sally Zhuang Tasks of the solar system (peninsula system)

    - ensure complete self-sufficiency of the 2-family house- electric car charging from April to October- drinking water heating (300 liters)- completely manual control possible without...

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  • Projekt: Ladepumpe der Warmwasser Solaranlage auf PV Strom umstellen. Inselbetrieb 12V

    , by PQ DE Project: Convert the charging pump of the hot water solar system to PV electricity. Island operation 12V

    My goal was to completely convert the charging pump of the hot water solar system to solar power. Since it is clear that if we...

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  • Projekt Beschreibung PV-Anlage "Robin(AT)"

    , by PQ DE Project description PV system “Robin(AT)”

    This report discusses: development, planning, implementation and experiences (March - September 2022) with powering a house using photovoltaics (PV).

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  • Mein Batteriesystem;-)

    , by PQ DE My battery system ;-)

    The system was initially just an experiment to see what was needed to power a small residential building independently of the public power grid. The...

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