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Test: Fertiger Power Queen 200Ah Plus LiFePo4 Akku sowie Ladegerät

Test: Finished Power Queen 200Ah Plus LiFePo4 battery and charger

, by Sally Zhuang, 1 min reading time

Power Queen battery with 12V / 200Ah and 20A LifePo4 charger in the test. In order to determine what this battery does, I started various measuring devices, LiFePo4 testers, data loggers and various inverters. In the test, I loaded the battery up to 303A and of course also did short circuit tests and BMS tests. So you will find out whether the Power Queen battery is something for you, whether it is suitable as an emergency power supply, a motorhome battery or as a solar storage system for a feed-in or island system.

If you want to know more about my review of the Power Queen 12V 200Ah Plus solar battery, read my full article.


Power Queen 200Ah Plus really strong and solid and charger very useful.

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